Bella Hadid Earns Her Own Pair of Angel Wings With Two New Tattoos E! News

Bella Hadid Go to the Bang Bang Tattoo Shop to Get a Tattoo on Her Left Arm, NYC 07/31/2017

Ulta. Barely There Pack $12.99 Buy Now On the flip side, her butterfly is from the Fine Line Pack, which features more whimsical designs such as butterflies, flowers, stars, moons and planets..

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Bella Hadid just added two new tattoos to her collection, and they are by far her most visible ones yet. The set, done by celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, seems to hold special meaning for.

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Bella Hadid has just added two new tattoos to her collection. Although the model is yet to share the tattoos on her own Instagram account, the artist responsible for the new creations took.

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The model's tattoo artist, Doctor Woo, shared a few shots of her new ink on his Instagram page on Sunday, showing off the sleek Arabic script the influencer received on both of her arms, just below each shoulder.

Bella Hadid Just Got Two New Arabic Tattoos, Which Translate to "I Love You" and "My Love

Bella Hadid got the cutest small tattoo of a rose from celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy. Check out the ink job.

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Bella Hadid isn't exactly known for having tattoos. Don't get us wrong: the model has a few pieces of ink, but they're so tiny you might miss them (or assume she doesn't have any).

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Oct 9, 2023 1:42 pm By Shelby Stivale Getty Images (3) When it comes to tattoos, Bella Hadid surprisingly has a few! The model keeps her ink designs small and pretty hidden. While she's never confirmed it explicitly, it's been speculated that one of Bella's tiny tats is actually a tribute to her time as a Victoria's Secret angel.

Bella Hadid adds to her growing tiny tattoo collection with two fine line Arabic inkings on each

Hadid's most recent tattoo is a rosebud that she placed on the back of her arm, just above the elbow, back in 2017. 2 / 2 Celebrity Beauty Tiny Tattoos Bella Hadid Celebrity Tattoos Beauty Trends.

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1 / 10 Photo: Getty Images WHO: Tracee Ellis Ross WHERE: Art with a Cause event, Los Angeles, CA WHEN: July 27, 2017 Bella Hadid stopped by New York tattoo artist JonBoy's studio for her.

BELLA HADID Admires Her First Ever Tattoo at a Tattoo Parlor in New York 07/31/2017 HawtCelebs

Bella Hadid Has 3 Tiny Tattoos No One's Noticed Samantha Sasso Last Updated October 9, 2019, 12:57 PM PHoto: Gotham/GC Images. Bella Hadid is one of the most famous models in the world right.

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$5.00 Crystal & / PacificCoastNews; Instagram / @jonboytattoo Leave a Comment Bella Hadid has a pair of tiny angel wings on the back of her right ankle which she got from artist Jon Boy in January 2017. The discreet inkings are her first known tattoos. She has not spoken about the wings' personal meaning, but we have a few guesses.

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Bella Hadid is an expert at reviving Y2K fashion trends. This time, she's bringing back butterfly rhinestone temporary tattoos.. Of course, Bella knew with her *magical style intuition* that.

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November 24, 2020 Gotham/GC Images via Getty Bella Hadid knows that once you start getting tattoos, it's hard to stop. The model just added to her collection of body art with two new,.

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Bella Hadid went to JonBoy to get two tiny angel wings tattooed on her ankles in tribute to becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel.

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Bella Hadid Reveals New Micro Tattoo. The 20-year-old model recently added a small rose to her growing collection of body art.. Bella Hadid commemorated her summer break in NYC with some fresh ink.

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Bella Hadid went to JonBoy to get two tiny angel wings tattooed on her ankles in tribute to becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel.